ORGANICATION is a fair trade fashion brand that stands for sustainable, eco-friendly, fashionable and high quality clothing, but also much more than that. For us, ORGANICATION is a lifestyle, a philosophy! Our passion is to protect Mother Nature while designing and producing our collections.

It is essential to affect the people who wear our pieces positively, as much as we concern about people who manufactures them. From the person picking the cotton to the yarn producers, from the people who sew the products to logistic companies… From the distributors to the final recipient: you… We care them all.

Our company has been certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). We create products that are formed in harmony with nature. All our products are produced to meet strict quality and control guidelines in every step. The cotton we prefer is being provided exclusively from awarded cotton fields where the cotton is grown environmentally friendly. Let’s share the compliments towards our conscious attitude!

Organication – my life, my style, my lifestyle!